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Reality Rock Star Status: Lower the Veil on PROJECT: American Studio

I dare you to witness the power and excitement that’s alive at a Lower the Veil show.  Treat yourself to feel every single word escaping from the metaphorically drenched and musically complex songs running circles in your head even after the music has stopped.  This is a band that explodes on stage with strong conviction, a clear and succinct sound, and an innate ability to captivate an audience from the first toe tapping bass line to the last hip swaying drum beat.  Lower the Veil is an experience.  It's a kind of sound reminiscent of the blues of the 70's, the edgy hard rock of the 80's, and the progressive melodies of the 90's, yet still refreshingly current.   It's rock and roll; pure simple and sexy rock and roll.  

New as a name on the scene, the experience comes from talented and 'been around the block' musicians that have carved a pivotal corner out of the local music scene.  Songs like “Burning Whale” and “Stand” off their latest album “The 100th Monkey” (now available: www.cdbaby.com/cd/lowertheveil) start in your ears and move to your heart but eventually find solace in your soul.  LTV songs force you to feel without demanding it or expecting it.  No man stands alone at a Lower the Veil show.

Hailing from Brick, NJ, this four piece player band boasts Damien Baldwin on lead guitar and lead vocals, bassist Rob Lampe on backing vocals, Casey Ferry sits drums, and Chris Siano on rhythm guitar.  The buzz around this band is contagious and opportunities prove a product of determination and professionalism.  Aarius Studios saw just that in Lower the Veil and offered them the pilot episode of their popular online reality show PROJECT: American Studio back with a revamped concept.  Aarius Studios owners Joe and Crystal Cattano surrounded LTV with a “Dream Team” of professionals skilled in the art of everything it takes to make it big in the industry.  Lower the Veil was all too ready to accept the professional direction.  Guest producer “Metal Mike” Chlasciak worked with the boys to rerecord (my favorite) LTV song “All That’s Real” and a music video release at The Brighton Bar culminated this venture.  Cameras followed the LTV fellas through this journey and the online reality show PROJECT: American Studio will surely demonstrate that the status of Rock Star follows a road paved in hard work and dedication to your craft but can end in ‘Rock Stardom’.  Aarius Studios acts as the ‘series hub’ for the reality show and makes connections between industry professionals and the bands they spotlight that are otherwise difficult to achieve. (www.aariusstudios.com)

I had the chance to catch up with the guys at their home studio in Brick and the anticipation for a successful year was the theme of the evening.  “Success is when I step on a tour bus with these guys,” Chris smirked.  “Success is reaching my potential,” Damien said. “Success is being financially secure and doing what I love,” Rob told me.  “Success is being happy,” Casey remarked.  It was at that moment that I realized I was talking to one collective unit; the real deal.  All pieces of a puzzle with different shapes but when put together form one cohesive picture. Smart musicians are effective and evolutionary.  PROJECT: American Studio may be the ‘push’ this solid local band needs in the direction of dreams, hopes, and the culmination of collected years of talent.  Success measured in happiness, potential, riches, and Rock Star status.  Be sure to check out the Lower the Veil music video for “All That’s Real” at www.youtube.com/aariusstudios.  Find it also on www.lowertheveil.com and ‘like’ the band on facebook to be up to date on the latest.  Stay tuned!  Big things are ahead for this substantial name on the scene.  Lower the Veil is only just getting started. 

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